New New York to Athens Airline

A new flight route from New York to Athens will be inaugurated on June 24th. Regional manager, Giorgos Kessanis of Hellenic Imperial Airways declared: ” It’s very appealing to me, how homogenous Greeks responded to the new airline, because there will be another Greek company now and the Greek flag will be waving again at the International Kennedy Airport (JFK). Mr. Kessanis, who previously was the manager of Olympic Airlines in USA, underlined that ”the company got the permission from the American authorities to serve the New York airline from Kennedy airport to El. Venizelos Greek airport and vice versa.”

“The first flight will take place from Athens to New York, on Friday 24th June and the return flight will be the day after. The planes, according to Mr. Kessanis, will be 4 Airbus 340, constructed from 2001 to 2003. In the VIP class, there will be two levels, with 8 first-class seats which also become beds and another 24 business class seats. Also, regarding the security of the planes, he stressed that ”the crew and in particular, the pilots of the planes are ex-colleagues with many years of flying experience who worked for the Olympic Airlines. Mr. Kessanis mentioned that ” one of the most important benefits that the company offers is the price of air tickets. Since Olympic air flights have stopped, there was basically a monopoly in the America-Greece flights and prices have inflated. Our prices will vary between at least 150 and maximum 300 dollars, less than the already existing prices per ticket. A ticket’s price will start from the price of 890 dollars if return is booked. Finally, Mr. Kessanis underlined that this Hellenic Imperial Airways airline will begin with 4 flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday).

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