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The Airline industry is getting very competitive(and very expensive). I have some good deals and other companies have some good deals. The difference is that I will refer you to an airline if their fares are lower than mine, whereas I don't think any other company would send a client somewhere else to purchase a ticket. I suggest that you go back to the index page and search the links for the lowest fares you can find. Send me the details(flight number, dates etc...) and I will let you know if you are getting the best fare. If I can give it to you for less, I will. If I know where you can get it for less, I'll tell you. I won't sell you a ticket that you can get for less from somewhere else!

To best serve you, please be as accurate as possible when filling out this Ticket Quote Form. 
I can not offer accurate quotes if you have not included all pertinent information..... when I provide you with an itinerary(this form will just get you a quote-if you approve of the rate quoted, I'll put together an itinerary for you to review. Once you recieve the itinerary you normally have 24 hours to purchase.... if you want to price it the airlines don't guarantee price or availability until the ticket is purchased.

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ATT: AOL users
AOL often refuses my responses or sticks them in a spam box. So if you don't recieve my response check your spam box.

I used to use AOL but their security system played havoc on my computer as they download upgrades automatically onto my computer. You may want to read about people who tried to cancel their AOL service. Do a Google search for "AOL Complaints" to read some horror stories(even a few class action law suits by State Attorney Generals!).... I got hooked and read about 50 stories....each seeming to be more amazing than the last!(and the fact that they want to charge an email tax doesn't help!)

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