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USAirways Sale Fares to Washington DC, Philadelphia, West Palm Beach and more

Friday, May 11th, 2012

From To Roundtrip* Chattanooga, TN Charlotte, NC $200 Charlotte, NC West Palm Beach, FL $240 Washington, DC (DCA) New York, NY (LGA) $206 Norfolk, VA Washington, DC (DCA) $190 Philadelphia, PA Washington, DC (DCA) $210 Phoenix, AZ Orange/Santa Ana, CA $200 Pittsburgh, PA Washington, DC (DCA) $190 Rochester, NY Philadelphia, PA $200 San Diego, CA […]

USAirways Sale Fares to Philadelphia, Salt Lake City Phoenix and more…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Top 10 e-Saver deals From To Roundtrip* Albany, NY Philadelphia, PA $200 Chattanooga, TN Charlotte, NC $200 Charlotte, NC West Palm Beach, FL $240 Washington, DC (DCA) Rochester, NY $200 Manchester, NH Washington, DC (DCA) $230 West Palm Beach, FL Charlotte, NC $240 Philadelphia, PA Columbus, OH $230 Phoenix, AZ Salt Lake City, UT $240 […]

USAirways Sale fares to Charlotte, NC- Bermuda, Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Charlotte, NC Baltimore, MD $497 First Class/Envoy Washington, DC (DCA) Pittsburgh, PA $190 Norfolk, VA Philadelphia, PA $200 Philadelphia, PA Syracuse, NY $200 San Diego, CA Phoenix, AZ $190 Louisville, KY Charlotte, NC $210 Salt Lake City, UT Phoenix, AZ $240 Knoxville, TN Washington, DC (DCA) $230 Columbus, OH Bermuda, Bermuda $392 Providence, RI Bermuda, […]

USAirways e-saver April 18

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

From To Roundtrip* Fort Lauderdale, FL Charlotte, NC $922 Columbia, SC Washington, DC (DCA) $230 Washington, DC (DCA) Detroit, MI $210 Philadelphia, PA Cincinnati, OH $230 Phoenix, AZ San Francisco, CA $240 Richmond, VA Philadelphia, PA $190 Orange/Santa Ana, CA Phoenix, AZ $200 Charlotte, NC Belize City, Belize $604 Washington, DC (DCA) Belize City, Belize […]

USAirways sale fares in the US

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

USAirways Sale fares domestic US Air at discount…. samples… Charlotte, NC Buffalo, NY $240 Charlotte, NC Mobile, AL $240 Philadelphia, PA Seattle, WA $350 Philadelphia, PA Tampa, FL $260 Phoenix, AZ Portland, OR $250 Phoenix, AZ San Jose, CA $250 Washington, DC (DCA) Columbus, OH $240 Washington, DC (DCA) Greenville, SC $230 Philadelphia, PA Chicago, […]

US Airways e-saver dscount fares

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Top 10 e-Saver deals From To Each way* Phoenix, AZ Palm Springs, CA $89 Salisbury, MD Philadelphia, PA $84 Newport News, VA Philadelphia, PA $89 New York, NY (LGA) Boston, MA $92 Boston, MA Philadelphia, PA $249 First Class/Envoy New York, NY (LGA) Charlotte, NC $299 First Class/Envoy Charlotte, NC Dublin, Ireland $249 Boston, MA […]

US Airways e-saver dscount fares

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

From To Each way* Boston, MA New York, NY (LGA) $92 Philadelphia, PA Denver, CO $134 San Diego, CA Phoenix, AZ $84 Washington, DC (DCA) Pittsburgh, PA $84 Charlotte, NC New York, NY (LGA) $349 First Class/Envoy Phoenix, AZ Los Angeles, CA $249 First Class/Envoy Philadelphia, PA Providenciales, Turks and Caicos $145 New York, NY […]