Is My Delta ticket protected?

I purchased a delta ticket, via orbitz? Is that protected? It was, of
course, paid by a credit card? Any other protection tips. Trip is in
September. I hadn’t investigated enought before buying ticket and now I
hope it it’ll be okay. THanks. Nancy

Hello Nancy,

I’m not sure how much you can protect it…. I think that travel insurance may not cover Delta since they filed for chapter 11(or was it 13?)… either way, if they go under, someone may pick up their tickets and transport you to Greece… but that is based on space available.. your credit card may not protect you for a ticket bought so far in advance(you’ll have to check with your credit card company on that)…

I’m not sure how “protected” you will be with this ticket…but don’t worry about it too much, because you wouldn’t be very protected with any ariline anyway…none of them are doing very well and could go under at anytime…

Wish I could be of more help…but unfortunately, no one knows what will happen until it does!

I wouldn’t worry about it until you find out that there is a problem since there isn’t much you can do about it(short of paying the cancellation fee, purchasing a new ticket with another airline and then hoping that airline doesn’t have a bad year and go under!)


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