Delta Strike?

Not good news for Delta…. Sounds like they either have to talk to the pilots and come to an agreement or Delta will be gone…. not much room to negotiate if you can’t survive even a one day shutdown.

Delta Air Lines pilots voted in resounding favor yesterday to authorize union leaders to call a strike if an arbitration panel permits the carrier to reject the current pilot contract and impose a new, concessionary agreement. Of 5,799 eligible voters, 96.4% voted and 94.7% of voters supported a strike. “The results of this ballot will send the strongest message yet that if Delta’s senior executives are successful in their misguided attempt to reject our contract, we will strike,” MEC Chairman Lee Moak said in a letter to union members. “Our goal has not changed. We seek a consensual comprehensive agreement, but we will not be bullied into accepting the overreaching demands currently on the table.” The arbitration panel has said it will rule by April 15 whether or not Delta can reject its pilot contract if the parties do not come to an agreement in the interim. The airline has said it could not survive even a one-day shutdown. From

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