Complaints about Air Canada treatment piling up

Erin LoxamNews 1130

The holiday travel season is still not over, but the feedback has been rolling in to the Consumer’s Association of Canada. Three quarters of the calls are complaints against Air Canada and the other 25 per cent are praising the competition.

Bruce Cran, president of the Consumer’s Association of Canada says they have heard many horror stories from Air Canada passengers – dealing with baggage, cancellations and mystery fees.

But the worst story is Air Canada Flight 156, “That’s the one that was stranded at the Vancouver airport on the tarmac for 12 hours where food and water were rationed apparently and some people were very concerned over their comfort for health issues.”

He adds WestJet faired much better with most callers praising the airline, “The other quarter is very interesting to us because its been compliments for WestJet airlines who seem to have done an outstanding job of public relations in helping out not only there own stranded passengers but Air Canada’s as well.”

Cran says hopefully these issues will be kept in mind when the world is watchin in 2010, “It should be a bit of a wake up call for what we’re looking at with the Olympic games coming to us in a winter very close in the future. If we haven’t gotten our act together by then, it could be a disaster.”

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