Delta Skymiles Ripoff!!

I’m planning my trip to Greece in the fall and I decided to try to save some money and use my Delta Skymiles. I have 55,000 miles and need 50,000 for a round trip ticket from Raleigh/Durham to Athens. Sounds easy…

So I put in the dates and then there is a little note about the Skysaver and Sky choice. Sky saver only needs 50,000 while Skychoice needs 100,000 miles. They have a little description and explain that Skychoice are during the peak travel times. I punched in my dates and…. found a Skysaver fare to get to Greece on Sept 9(but I would have to leave RDU at 6am and spend 7 hours waiting for my flight). That’s ridiculous-especially since there are seats available on other flights with better departure and connection times. But…it’s a free ticket so I’ll take it….

Now for the return…whoops… no Skysaver seats available at all… in Sept or Oct…. and if you combine a Skysaver with a Skychoice the number of miles isn’t 75,000, but 100,000 so there’s no combining the two…. shoot… ok… let me try something else…

I tried a couple of 2 week periods in January(the worst time to go to Greece)…and… no Skysaver seats… and then I tried Feb… same thing…. I never realized that Jan/Feb traveling to Greece is a peak period…but then again, with the airlines you learn something new everyday… but the friendly skies are really the ripoff skies….that I do know for sure!(see Friendly Skies or Skyway Robbery)

The other thing that seems to be planted in the back of my mind was that when I signed up I was told that I needed 50,000 miles to fly to Europe…. where did the 100,000 miles come from? Let me guess… they’ll say they’re making more seats available so they’re offering then at higher miles, but with the fact that they have nothing available for 50,000 in Jan, my guess is that they cut back the number of 50,000 seats.

And Delta wonders why there is no customer loyalty…. because they have no loyalty to their customers…. if Delta goes under and disappears off the face of the earth and I lose my 55,000 miles before using them I won’t be distraught…. In fact it will be worth it!!

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