I’m looking at flights from London to RDU and I get this quote from Delta..

Price per passenger: £216.00 (GBP)
Taxes/Fees: £264.16 (GBP)
Subtotal per Passenger: £480.16 (GBP)
Total for all passengers (1): £480.16 (GBP

Notice that the taxes are higher than the fare! hmmm… a 100+% tax….

Moral of the Story: Don’t rely on the fare only when comparing air fare because not including exorbitant taxes in their quotes is a trick airlines and travel sites use. When taxes can be over 100% of the fare, you’d think it was important to list by the “final fare”, not the fare without taxes…. but all is fare in the air fare wars…even if it means that the airlines/travel sites don’t care that they waste your time!

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