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Strategies For
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#1 Search 'til You're Blue!
#2 Get to a Major US City
#3 Get to Europe First

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Strategy #2- Get to a major Airport in a Major US City

If you've done any searching, you've probably come to the realization that the best fares seem to be from the larger cities. In fact, the fares seem to be the best from NY, Washington and Boston. That is due to a number of reasons- they are the closest cities in the US to Europe(less fuel to get there), most airlines fly there(more competition to get your business) and more flights with the same airlines(lots of people leave from these cities).

You're probably lamenting the fact that you live in a quiet, relatively safe and unpolluted little town and have to pay exhorbitant prices to escape it. Well, that's the price of living in our paradise(I'm in the same boat in Carrboro, NC!). Of course some of you are in relatively large towns in the midwest, and even small cites(Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Seattle are a couple of examples)and still have the airline ticket blues!

There are ways to get lower it's not hopeless, but it may take some time and searching. The first step is to search all the ads you can find(a good place to start is on the right column of my pages) to get an idea of the lowest fare on a single ticket. That will give you a starting point and then you can compare the cost, the time and the risks and decide if saving the money you will is worth it.

Once you have an idea of the cost from your closest airport to Athens you should run a search from the closest major airport and then run other searches from other major airports(especially the east coast), to find the best fares. Remember to make notes of where you found the fare, the dates and the cost- you'll be surprised how bad your memory can be after you've searched for a few(or a lot) and then you have to recall which flight was from where with what airline on what date and from which web site....

You now have an idea of how much it is to fly out of your closest airport and to a few of the major airports. Now you need to connect the dot(s) and get to that airport as inexpensively(and conveniently as you can).

If you have Frequent Flyer miles to burn then that will most likely be the best way. See how many miles it will cost to get to the major city nearest you and to the city with the least expensive flights to Europe. If you're willing to part with the number of miles that it will cost you to get there...then you're set..

Know the Risks!
- If you use one set of tickets to get from your airport the city with the lowest fares and another ticket to get to Greece you will not be "protected" if you miss a flight becuase another airline is late.(If you are protected, the airline will get you to your final destination since they were responsible for your being late to your flight). This could cost you a lot as you may have to buy a new ticket and even put yourself up in a hotel if no flights are available!
-To minimize the risk, make sure there si PLENTY of time between flights with different tickets(I would be very hesitant to have anything less than 5+ hours)
-If you choose this route, I would seriously consider Travel Insurance. to minimize your risk.

If you don't have FF miles, then I would check the cost of taking a bus, train, your own car(and paying for parking or leaving it at a friend's or relative's place) or paying for flights.

Once you've done the research and figured out how much it will cost for each of the different options, you will be able to compare them and make your decision.

My experience has been that unless there is a SUPER sale to Europe, the amount of money you save trying to piece together an itinerary will be minimal and there could be an added amount of inconvenience.

But on the other hand, with a little searching you may find a combination of flights that could save you a couple of hundred dollars...or more.

I've posted a link to the Google Search Engine on the bottom of the page for you to continue your search with!

Good Luck...and let me know if I can help you with anything.....

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