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Air Hitch- A Great way to get a discount airfare to Europe

Whoops....times have changed....
read what Frommers says about AirHitch!(or is it the two AirHitches!

If you've never heard of Air Hitch, it's a great way to get to Europe inexpensively. Air Hitch sells left over tickets on commercial airlines and charters at heavily discounted fares. I flew with them twice and both times had good experiences. The first time I was trying to get to Northern Europe from NY. I had a choice of a flight from NY to Paris or Boston to Amsterdam. I was trying to save money and the $169 one way price tag was hard to beat. I met the Air Hitch rep in Manhatten and he gave me my ticket to Amsterdam and off I went on the bus. The second time I was trying to get to Europe inexpensively I bought another ticket from Air Hitch. This time I was put on a Tower Air Charter flight from JFK to Rome(and even had my tickets in my hand 5 days in advance!)and sat next to a guy who had paid over $800 for his tickets. These discounted fares are mostly bought one way, so you will need a little flexibility to get a return ticket, but both times it saved me hundreds of dollars.So if you want to get to Europe inexpensively, check out Expedia, Travelocity, Sidestep but don't overlook Air Hitch!

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