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How do I find my personal tickets?

Finding low Air fares int the 21st Century has become both easier and more difficult! There are so many more options to choose from as it is easy for anyone to put up a web site and sell tickets. Next you have the giants, who are automated(Travelocity, Expedia etc....) and more of those keep popping up. On top of that we have the post 911 drive to maintain security(or at least to collect security fees), and on top of that fuel surcharges as oil prices hit a record high!

When you're searching keep in mind that there are fares and taxes. A low Fare only on British Air can be higher than a higher fare on Air France as British Air taxes are cloeser to $300 while Air France taxes are closer to $150. On top of that there is a fuel surcharge which some airlines add to their fares and other airlines, like Olympic, add to their taxes. So.... remember, don't just look at the fares....make sure you know what the taxes are!

I have a fairly easy system when I look for myself. I have direct access to the Sabre Reservation system so I can do a search for the best flights. When searching for tickets to Greece(any other country in the world I would use a similar process) I usually check Olympic and Delta first as they have the best itinerary from most places(I love the direct flights from JFK to Athens that leave at 540pm and arrive in Athens at 10am). Once I get that fare, I have a basic price to work with. Next I do what is called a "WPNCB", which brings up the lowest fare in that airline. After that I do a WPNI, which is the lowest published fare of all airlines for that route and those dates I've selected("published" fares are the fares that are available to all passengers.). The final step I take in Sabre is to do a WPNI*PJCB which brings up the lowest net fare.(Net fares are an agents "wholesale" fares which is the base fare which they can add their commission to).

Once I have a general idea of the fares I then run four more searches... One on Expedia and probably have lower fares most often), one on Travelocity and one on Res99. I wish I could say that one is going to have the best fares, but the truth is that sometimes my fares are better sometimes Expedia or LowestFares or Travelocity is better and sometimes Res99 is better... It's a toss up although the first two seem to be best most often... I've put them all together here for you to search so you don't have to run all over the web. As I find new sites that are competitive I will post them....

So... your best bet is to try all five and then choose the lowest fare!(if you do find a good fare, reserve it for 24 hours since I may not be able to get back to you immediately- but most of time within 1-12 hours). If you don't reserve it, you run the risk of it being sold out or not being available any longer. When that happens you'll find that you kick yourself and ask why you didn't reserve it!(there is no cost to reserving it and then cancelling if you decide not to purchase)

Happy Hunting! and let me know if you do find flights so I can pass them on to other people!



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