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Why are taxes so high?'ve found that great fare to Greece...only $475 plus tax. Great! Then you go to purchuse it and what do you find? The taxes are $160...or $200 or even $300! My goodness, that's over 50% of the cost of the ticket! How can the taxes be so high?

Well, once you see everything that you are being taxed'll see! I've used a round trip flight from Boston to Athens. American Airlines to JFK and a direct flight to Athens. Keep in mind, I'm using the company with the lower taxes... for the same itinerary on British Air(but traveling through London) the taxes are $260.35 , while on Lufthansa through Germany the taxes are $246.75, KLM through Amsterdam-$211.55 and Air France through Paris- $229.

If you have to fly from another US city to one of the gateways to Europe you can expect to pay even more in taxes...

But here is the breakdown for the American Airways/Olympic flights from Boston to Athens.

Tax Amount Code Description
7.00 XY US Customs
4.00 WQ Athens Airport Developement
4.95 XA US Dept of Agriculture
13.90 WP Athens Security
5.00 YC US Immigration
27.20 GR Greek Gov't
9.00 XF US Airport passenger facility
28.20 US US tax in Int'l icket
7.50 AY Sep 11 Security
66.80 YQ Fuel surcharge and Airline security
173.55   Total

There you have it! and you can expect these taxes to continue to go up because fuel is not getting any cheaper and with our shortsighted plan to "fight terrorism", our need for security is only going to increase!

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