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If you're creative there are many ways to find low cost fares to Europe. The easy way is to find fares to Europe is to pick your departure and destination cities and run a search to find the lowest direct fares. If you're creative and you have time to do some searching there is another way to find low fares.


One option is the search engine. It's more of a listing than a search engine, but there are a lot of low cost airlines and a lot of different ways to run your searches to find them....

You can keep your eye out for sales to other cities in Europe or just run searches to different European Cities to try to find using the Booking Wiz search engine to the left. You can also try finding a reasonably priced open jaw(to one city and back from another) as I did with my 2007 trip to Europe.

Once you've found a low fare to Europe you can work on finding low inter-European flights(Or do it the other way, find a city that has low rates to Athens(or another city in Europe) and then look for a low fare to that city.

I've looked at a few sites and like any present day searches, no one site is going to have a monopoly on the lowest fares to and from all cities. Some work and diligence will pay off if you take the time to search in an organized way(and be sure to keep good notes or you will end up being completely confused.

You can start by running a search on something like "Discount European Flight Search Engines" and weed through the sites to find one that is a real search engine.
You can use the search button below(or links on the right side of the page to further your search).


I've looked at a few sites and use them when I'm running searches... this has some good fares, but seems to relying more heavily on the regular European Airlines and Easyjet, but do occassionally have some less known airlines. With this search engine, when you enter the country, you then have a chance to choose the city in that country that you want to fly from. Once you choose that city, you choose the destination country and it will let you know which cities you can fly into.... select your dates, number of people and hit search and it will give you the options available with the rates. This is a great search engine which is very convenient and easy to use. Once you choose the Departure City, you'll get a list of the Cities that you can fly to and the airlines that service those flights. Once you choose a destination city it will leave only the airlines that fly to that city. When you have that information you can visit the airline web site to see if you can find low fares for the flight dates you want. This seemed to have some pretty decent fares from The US as well as InterEuropean flights. Although I didn't notice any discount airlines, it looked like they could book each way with a different airline which made for some pretty good fares.... This is a recommended search engine, but when I went to the site I was unable to run a search. The site looks like they are selling the search engine software(but I may be wrong). They want you to Activate Active-X on Internet Explorer and the engine doesn't work on FireFox, but you may have better luck with it than I did! Good Luck! I was unable to access this site, but it was recently bought by CheapFlights so hopefully it will be coming back up soon....

Anyway, this list is hardly exhaustive and is changing all the time so you will probably want to run some searches on your own to see what's "New and Improved".




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