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Strategies For
Saving on Air Fare
#1 Search 'til You're Blue!
#2 Get to a Major US City
#3 Get to Europe First

#4 Queen Mary II-It's not as expensive as you think!

#5 US Charter Flights

#6 Europe Charter Flights
#7 Ferries From Italy
#8 Be An Air Courier
#9 A Miles Credit Card
#10 Finding Tickets-A New Approach
#11 Air India to Europe?
General Airline
EuroFly to Italy
(Low Cost!!)
Airline Specials
Globe Merchant Travel Blog
(updated sale info)
Air Hitch
Charter Flights
Rail Passes
Travel Insurance
Getting Married? Visit
A Greek Wedding

To Greece Flights

Great Web Sites
Flights and Travel

Web Site
If you want to find out how smoothly the airports are running, just visit this site... Each airport is color coded based on the delay it is experiencing.
Need some inside information in case you get stuck.... visit Sleeping in Airports
Want to find out which are the best seats on a specific airliner for a specific company. All planes are not the same. Visit this site to ensure you don't get one of those horrible seats that don't recline!
Not sure about the climate you're going to visit? World Climate will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect(based on the monthly average)
Want to know what time zone a country you're going to visit is in? Just pick the city and you'll see what their local time is. Then you just need to subtract that from your local time... and you'll know where it is!
If you want to see some truly amazing photos of some of the airliners you've flown(or will fly) you need to check out this site. Warning it could be addictive... with it's thousands of photos you may find yourself saying "I'll just look at one more!"... a number of times.
Want to make sure that the good deal you got is really a good deal or if you're on a risky flight that is cancelled a large percentage of the time(causing you missed flights and lost vacation time!
Links to many of the airports in the world. Get general information on an airport your traveling to through or from!
Up to date information on the departures and arrivals information at Eleftherios Venezelos Airport in Athens. It's an expanded view of the monitors that tell you if flights are delayed, have arrived, boarded etc....

Visit for Wedding/Honeymoon Information



Fantasy Travel of Greece
Travel Agent

Hotels- Car Rentals-
Cruises-Land Packages

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