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Air Hitch- A Great way to get a discount airfare to Europe or was?

Whoops....times have changed....
read what Frommers says about AirHitch!(or is it the two AirHitches!) and what people and Robert Segalbaum(founder and operator of one of the Air Hitches) has to say....

I flew AirHitch about 20 years ago and had success with it, although one of the things that stood out was the rudeness of the people who work there. I assumed that not much had changed with a relatively good program until I received an e-mail from a visitor to my site who thought the were very rude to her. I decided to look into AirHitch and see what people were saying online...

I spent a morning searching, following strings of communications, reading about complaints, responses to the complaints, interpretations of the complaints and much more. After a couple of hours of reading, I formed some of my own opinions on AirHitch based on the following.

1. There appear to be two and Different companies, possibly embroiled in a lawsuit over which one is using the name legitimately. One is the original and the other allegedly purchased the rights to the name, or the business....or something. Regardless they are very similar and that's probably what you need to know so that you realize that you may be dealing with one or the other without knowing that there are two!

2. The is the newer site and has a more organized web site. is the original one and has a chaotic website thrown together, what appears to be in a haphazard manner. says they're a nonprofit and that they don't have customers, they are just helping people. They claim to be a sociopolitical organization fighting the injustices of the airline cartel which is overcharging travelers. They try to come off as the champion of the traveler who wants to save money, but they seem to have a disdain for anyone who asks a question they think has already been answered on their web site. I've never seen an organization that responds so rudely to inquiries(They defend their rudeness by saying that they are being honest and helping you to understand how the business works- but never use the word business because they're calling it a nonprofit. Jeeeesh!).

4. They are both legitimate and not scams, but it sounds like doesn't have the database of flights to ensure that you get where you're going and will probably most likely get you to or from Europe, but you may incur extra expenses getting to the city or country where you flight may depart from, eating extra meals waiting to get your flight or spending money on hotels(unless you want to sleep in the airport). The time it takes to get a refund seem to be the biggest complaint about their rudeness).

5.My personal opinion as to whether I would fly them again: If I'm in a masochistic mood and I want to risk being berated by an organization that is probably going to save me less money than I think then I might give it a shot, but I don't foresee myself reaching that frame of mind in the near foreseeable future(or the extended future for that matter.

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