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Strategies For
Saving on Air Fare
#1 Search 'til You're Blue!
#2 Get to a Major US City
#3 Get to Europe First

#4 Queen Mary II-It's not as expensive as you think!

#5 US Charter Flights

#6 Europe Charter Flights
#7 Ferries From Italy
#8 Be An Air Courier
#9 A Miles Credit Card
#10 Finding Tickets-A New Approach
#11 Air India to Europe?
General Airline
EuroFly to Italy
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Airline Specials
Globe Merchant Travel Blog
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Air Hitch
Charter Flights
Rail Passes
Travel Insurance
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A Greek Wedding

To Greece Flights

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Flights and Travel

Important things to know when booking...
*Fare is based on your departure date and the length of time you stay away. Most of the lower fares have a maximum of 30 days, but some fares allow 60-90 or even more.
*Larger international airports have lower fares. If you can get to a large city inexpensively you will find better fares.
*Fares to Europe are highest in mid-June to Aug 31..... Lowest in November to March 31(except Christmas).
*April fares are normally higher than March....May higher than April....and sometime in the first two weeks of June(depending on the airline and the departure/destination cities) the fares move into the PEAK summer season which means HIGH!!!
*Many travelers try to leave in Early June(after the children are out of school and the fares are lower) so it's harder to get the low fares for these dates. The same is true for early September as travelers want to stay as long as possible but still get back home in time for the children to start school)

*Check the web sites on the right...sometimes they will have sale fares that I don't have(and vice versa)...if you find a low fare, let me know what it is and I'll see if I can beat it or send you to a company that can beat it(usually direct to the airline)....

As I get sale fares i will be posting them on the Globe Merchant Travel Blog at




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