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A Guide to Finding Discount Air Fares to Europe

David Econopouly,
The Globe Merchant,
freezing on the Baltic on New Year's Day, 2000

Thanks David -- After a couple of hours of searching on Booking Wiz last night I actually found a fare from Pittsburgh to Athens for my dates for $802 (including taxes). Needless to say I purchased it. It involves three flights per leg, but the dollars I save can be better spent at a taverna. It really is amazing how repeated searches (even with the same info) can turn up radically different fares. The whole process feels like some form divination to me! Anyway, thanks for your info. I find your site and your e-mails incredibly helpful. ---Jeff

Complete the info below to get more info on discount fares and Holiday Deals!

Updated list of Low Cost European Discount Airlines....
Click here....

A good place to get started is to search the multiple- search engines below....While the rates are coming up in another browser window you can explore the rest of the options on this site! The best way to get the best rates is to educate yourself!

Visit Globe Merchants' Travel Blog for more travel tips, hints and updated information...

American Airlines weekend Sales here


This has been a terrible year so far for fares to Europe. Normally there are a series of sales that start in January and continue through until the summer(and after). So far- nothing. To give you an idea of what it's like compared to 2009. Last year I found flights on Delta from RDU to Athens for $520 including taxes. This year I haven't seen anything under $900 for May.

I have flights booked to Greece in June, but the fare is around $1450 which is astromomical!! I got a $200 FF miles ticket so I can live with that fare since the two tickets will average out to about $850 which isn't bad for a summer fare.... but.... I'm still hoping that fares will drop(there are over 80 seats available on my transatlantic flight to and from Athens- so I'm holding out to buy my June ticketes for a few more weeks(if I can- meaning as long as the seats don't start disappearing and I might end up have to pay MORE for the flights!

The First step is to Click here to Check For Low Fares by getting immediate access to many different travel sites.

Getting Married or Honeymooning in Greece?

Visit A Greek Wedding deals primarily with flights to Europe, but I have also provided information and links to inter-European flights, hotel accommodations ,auto rentals, Discount Air Options..

Floored by the fact that the taxes for your flights are as high as !/3 to !/2 the cost of your ticket...find out what those taxes are?

Nowadays, Flights to Europe is a funny market(Read about how a wholesaler finds your tickets....and why you shouldn't feel bad that the Airlines are flying half full and losing money!)... Discount Airlines and low fares used to be a dime a dozen. Now, the fares are much higher than they have been in the past and the sales seem harder to come by. I suggest that you explore the links, find the lowest fare and come back to me with your best fare and itinerary. I'll let you know what I think- If I can sell the tickets for less or know where you can go to do so, I'll help you out. If you have the best fare I'll tell you to go ahead and purchase it.

Are you concerned about the state of the airlines and whether you may lose a lot of money if an airline folds before you travel... read this.

You'll see links for Expedia, Travelocity, Sidestep, About the Two Air Hitches(A Warning!), Air Hitch(How Air Hitch works / Air Hitch Fare Options), Wiki Travel for information on Discount airlines in Europe and other low cost discount airline ticketing sitesand EuRail Europe for Train info. I would explore those sites as some of their discounts are excellent. In some cases their discounts are better than mine, but in other cases I have better fare. My advantage is that I can search manually for the best fare while they are automated and cannot.

Remember- The airlines are trying to sell the tickets to you for as much as they can and you are trying to purchase them for as low a fare as you can- it's a kind of Airline Poker- with each of you trying to bluff the other. The airlines want you to think that the tickets won't be coming down even though they need the money and don't want you to go fly with someone else and you want the airlines to think that you're not going to buy tickets until the fare DOES come down even though you are afraid that the ticket fares may go up. The first to blink loses!.(My job is to help advise you as to whether you should continue to play or fold!) I can't be positive we're right, but we can at least look at past trends to get a feeling....

Worried about Failing Airlines?
If you're concerned about
the state of the airlines and protecting your investment...
Click here...

Visit the US to Europe Discount Airfare page

Form to request low fare flights From the US to Europe....

Online Car rentals and Hotels for all of Europe!

Check out the links on the new discount low cost European airlines page...they can save you hundreds of dollars in airfare.......

Looking for a phone number or web site for an airline? here

Thank you for the information. I wish I would have found you before we booked our tickets. I will be sure to keep you in mind if I ever need flights again or if I come across good prices for you to post.

Kindest regards,


American Airlines Netsavers

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US Airways Promotions

If you subscribe to their Esaver promotion service, USAir will notify you of
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Another good way to catch
a sale early and effortlessly!..
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Lufthansa has launched a new program with deals aimed at getting Americans with family in Greece, Israel, Poland, Russia and India back home. The program is open to everyone at
(I checked flights to Greece but didn't see any great deals, but maybe at other times or to other countries there may be some bargains)

Visit Matt Barrett's Greek Travel Site for tons of FREE information on Greece!




Visit for Wedding/Honeymoon Information



Fantasy Travel of Greece
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